Cedric 4.0 or higher requires a database upgrade from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2017. A compatibility check has been added to Cedric v4.0 to make sure the correct version of SQL Server is installed before Cedric can be used.

The first time you start Cedric 4.0 the following dialog will appear:

The steps below will guide you through the upgrade process.
You will need to download two packages with a combined size of around 660MB, so we recommend performing the upgrade when download costs are minimal (for example, while in port and using a Wi-Fi connection):

Step Description
1 If you want to upgrade to Cedric 4.0, start Cedric v3.6 (or lower).
Perform a Check for Updates to download and install Cedric v4.0.
2 Restart Cedric which will cause Cedric v4.0 to start.
The Database Upgrade Required dialog will appear (above).
3 Backup the database using the Backup Database button shown in the screenshot above.
Copy the backup to a safe place.
4 Restart your computer to ensure all database locks are released.
Be sure not to start Cedric after restarting the computer!
5 Login to the computer using an account that can run Cedric.
6 Download and install Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2008 (instructions below).
7 Download and install SQL Server 2017 Express (instructions below).
8 Restart the computer.
9 Start Cedric.


The steps in this guide perform an ‘in-place’ upgrade of an existing installation of Cedric. Cedric 4.0 is supported on Windows 10 (64bit), and Windows Server 2012 R2 (64bit).
If you are installing a new instance of Cedric v4.0, there is a separate installer available that includes all prerequisites including SQL Server 2017 Express.
Therefore, if you are installing Cedric on a new computer you do not need to perform these manual upgrade steps.

Installing Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2008

1 Browse to the Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2008 download page and click Download.
2 Tick the 64-bit download option (ENU\SQLServer2008SP4-KB2979596-x64-ENU.exe), then click Next.
3 Click Run to start the installation.
Note: Use the Save option if you have multiple Cedric installations to upgrade.
4 Click Yes if prompted with the user access control dialog.
5 Click Next once the start-up checks have passed.
6 Tick "I accept the licence terms" then click Next.
7 On the Select Features page, ensure SQLEXPRESS2008 is ticked, then click Next.
8 Click Next once Check Files In Use is finished.
Note: If this check fails, you might need to restart the computer and retry the service pack installation.
9 Click Update.
10 Click Next once the installation is complete.
11 Click Close.
12 Next, follow the instructions below to upgrade your installation to SQL Server 2017 Express.

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Installing SQL Server 2017 Express

1 Browse to the SQL Server 2017 Express download page and click Download.
2 Click Run.
Note: Use the Save option if you have multiple Cedric installations to upgrade.
3 Click Yes if prompted with the user access control dialog.
4 Click Download Media.
5 Select Express Core (275 MB), choose a folder where the installer will be saved to.
Next, click Download.
6 Once the download has finished, click Open Folder.
7 Double-click SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe to start the installation.
8 Click Yes if you are prompted with the user access control dialog.
9 Click OK to extract.
10 The installation will start automatically, click Upgrade from a previous version of SQL Server.
11 Tick "I accept the license terms", then click Next.
12 Tick "Use Microsoft Update to check for updates", then click Next.
Note: Ticking this box is optional.
13 On the Select Instance page make sure the SQLEXPRESS2008 instance is selected, click Next.
14 Click Close once the upgrade is complete.
15 Next, restart your computer.
16 Start Cedric v4.0 (or higher).
Note: The first time Cedric is started after the SQL Server upgrade you might get a Database Connection Error.
It can take a few moments for the database to become available the first time.
Try waiting a few seconds then click the Retry button.
17 Check the Database Status is Ready in the FishServe Console.
18 The upgrade is complete

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