Application Programming Interfaces, known as APIs, are technical interfaces that allow your system to talk directly to our system. Once setup, your system can retrieve information or submit information automatically into ours.

Who should consider using APIs?

Developers of logbooks for Electronic Reporting and high volume users of FishServe's services. For example, those who submit multiple and/or large ACE transfers, or those wanting to use our data in their own systems.

What APIs are available?

You can carry out the following via APIs:

FishServe APIs

  • Client Search: Returns public information about a FishServe client (e.g. Name, Permit Status).
  • ACE Transfer Submission: Performs an ACE transfer
  • ACE Transfer History Search: Returns a list of ACE Transactions for a client.
  • ACE Transfer History Lines Search: Returns all of the stocks included in a transaction

In the future there will also be APIs available for MHRs and LFRRs

Electronic Reporting APIs

  • Event APIs: Submit, retreive or amend Fishing and Non-Fishing Events that occur on trips. Such as a Trawl Event or a Processing Event
  • Master Data APIs: Retrieve relevant data to be used when creating Fishing and Non-Fishing Events. Such as stock code lists or fishing methods.

Are there any costs involved?

While there is no charge for using our APIs, the standard cost for submitting ACE transfers will still apply. Therefore the ACE transferor must be a client setup to pay by invoice.

How do I get started?

Explore the list of available FishServe APIs here

Explore the list of available ERS APIs here.

If you require further help, please contact us.